Memorial street signs honor fallen Belleville Sons

Belleville, N.J., Memorial Street Signs

In June 2016, Belleville Township Council passed a resolution to dedicate certain streets in town to servicemen who hailed from the municipality.

As we add these signs, we are trying to contact relatives of these Belleville sons to be present at the ceremony. If you are family or know of family of these fallen soldiers, please contact us.

The township continues to add street signs in honor of our fallen sons. For more information about dedication ceremonies, email  Tom Grolimond, chairman of the Recreation and Cultural Affairs Advisory Council.

These men of Belleville, New Jersey, paid with their lives to prove "freedom is not free." Our intent is to honor their sacrifice and preserve the memory of those Belleville sons who died in service to our country.

Streets Renamed 2006

Raymond De Luca

Carmine Olivo

Clatie Cunningham Jr.

William Hamilton

 Donald Saunders Way, Belleville, N.J.

Belleville Sons Honor Roll Street Sign Dedications

Donald Saunders    Sept. 19, 2015

John Hoar                Feb. 13, 2016

Roger Crowell          March 26, 2016

Arthur Burke           May 28, 2016

Richard Hayes        May 28, 2016

Glenn Nelson           May 28, 2016

Albert E. Pole           May 28, 2016

John Verian             May 28, 2016

Frank Cancelliere   Sept. 10, 2016

Henry Benson          Sept. 10, 2016

Michael Flynn           Sept. 24, 2016

Vincent Nucci           Oct. 1, 2016

Donald S. Murray     Nov. 12, 2016

William Branch       Nov. 12, 2016

John Paterno            Dec. 10, 2016

Angelo Guarino       Dec. 10, 2016

John F. Kirwin        Dec. 17, 2016

Carl L. Mickens         June 17, 2017

Angelo Patrizio         June 17, 2017

Raymond DeLuca     July 8, 2017

Edward J. Zuczek      July 8, 2017

Giavanni Bocchino  July 15, 2017

Nicholas Del Grosso        July 15, 2017

Frank H. Metzler      July 15, 2017

Leonard Willette     Feb. 24, 2018

Patrick Dunn (firefighter)      Feb. 24, 2018

2nd. Lt. Anthony Noto   March 10, 2018


Belleville Streets Honor Fallen Police, Fire Captain

November 2016

Fire Captain James Salmon

Belleville police officers

Martin J. Hanly

James T. Smith

Kenneth Santucci

A History of the Belleville Fire Deptartment Memorial Bell

Dow Street designated John M. Hoar Way

Belleville renames Essex Park streets for De Luca, Olivo, Cunningham, Hamilton

Belleville Sons Names Added To Veterans' Park Memorial on Union Avenue

Belleville Sons Honor Roll

  A Place of Honor and Remembrance In the Home of the Brave

Belleville, New Jersey


BELLEVILLE SONS HONOR ROLL - Remembering the men who paid for our freedom; photo by Robert Caruso, used by permission.

Belleville Sons Honor Roll
Remembering the men who paid for our freedom

In the last century, Belleville lost 157 sons while in service to our country. This collection, gathered from newspaper clippings and other sources gathers what we know about these young men in an effort that their sacrifice not be forgotten.  

Belleville Sons Honor Roll includes more information on Belleville actions in the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, the Civil War diary of James C. Taylor, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and peacetime casualties.

Edited by Anthony Buccino and  Andrea Buccino

Available in paperback, Nook, Kindle and Amazon.

Belleville and Nutley NJ in the Civl war - a brief history - by Anthony Buccino

Belleville and Nutley in the Civil War - a brief history  

by Anthony Buccino

A compilation documenting the participation of the New Jersey towns of Belleville and Nutley in the American Civil War. Publication includes information on six local soldiers killed in action in the War Between the States, plus information on the battle campaigns in which they gave up their lives. Also lists information on participation in various New Jersey and other state militias by local men.

On Amazon

Nutley Sons Honor Roll by Anthony Buccino

Nutley Sons Honor Roll


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BELLEVILLE SONS HONOR ROLL - Remembering the men who paid for our freedom

Belleville and Nutley in the Civil War - a Brief History

Anthony Buccino