Sgt. John F. Verian

John F. Verian, First Bellevillite to Die In Action In Germany,

Wounded in Tunisia, Sicily; Soldier Falls in Naziland

(Oct. 12, 1944) -- Sgt. John F. Verian, 22, of 128 Washington Avenue, was killed in action on Sept. 18, 1944, in the midst of the Siegfried Line in Germany.

Sgt. Verian landed in Oran, North Africa on Christmas Day 1942, six months after he entered the Army.

He was wounded in Tunisia while serving in the First Division.

Sgt. Verian was also wounded in the invasion of Sicily on July 10.

In January 1944 he went to England and was training the Yanks for five months in invasion tactics.

He landed in Normandy on D-Day.

Sgt. Verian joined the Army 25 years to the day after his father joined for World War I.

Sgt. Verian is buried  at Beverly National Cemetery,
Beverly, Burlington County, New Jersey.
Plot: Sect. F, Site 1728

(June 24, 1943) -- Cpl. John F. Verian, of Washington Avenue, was awarded a Purple Heart while serving in North Africa.

Verian has been in the Army since June 5,  1942. He has been stationed in Africa since December.

He was recently hit in the leg by flying shrapnel.

Classified as a minor injury, Verian just a few days later was doing Military Police duties. He then had taken part in a "final affair" in Africa in which the "Germans were cleaned up."

John Verian Way memorial street sign by Anthony Bucccino

On May 28, 2016, John Verian Way at Washington
Avenue and William Street was dedicated
in memory of this brave Belleville son.


The Belleville Times, June 24, 1943; Oct. 12, 1944

Find A Grave Photo by Pam Gleason

Belleville Street Named In Honor of Soldier Killed In Action

May 28, 2016


Avenue and William Street

Belleville Street Sign Memorials

In June 2016, Belleville Township Council passed a resolution to dedicate certain streets in town to servicemen who hailed from the municipality.

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